Sublimated &
Branded Apparel

Sublimation is a process by which images, including brand images and logos, can be transferred onto a base fabric, resulting in vibrant and dynamic colour reproduction of your artwork.

B2B Sports partners with the world’s leading manufacturers of sublimated apparel products. We can vividly and affordably recreate scenery, half tones, corporate logos, brand logos, brand shots, and anything else that you can produce on a digital art file.

The affordability of our sublimation products can provide a new dimension to your promotions and marketing initiatives. Your art options are limitless! Through our exclusive partnerships, companies can enjoy a complete range of high quality, affordable sublimated apparel products with provide eye-popping graphics reproduction that enhance brands.

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Benefits of sublimation

Limitless colours and designs.

  • Superior weight, durability and breathability.
  • Decoration that will not crack, peel or fade like traditional imprinting.
  • Full range of apparel styles, fabrics and pricing.
  • Low minimums and price points unmatched in the marketplace
  • Affordable 100% graphic reproduction.

Branding and sublimation

The potential of sublimation is limitless and restricted only by your imagination. Sublimation provides vibrant and rich graphics that can be as LOUD or understated as you desire. Whether you need sublimated apparels for brand and product launches, event executions, or merchandising, we have exactly what you need.

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