Tailgating is a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Millions gather each week to share their passion, food and fun. Millions embrace the tailgating experience yearly.

The previously underground subculture is now a part of the mainstream sports media and has given rise to an entire industry. Manufacturers worldwide design and produce unique products specifically designed for the tailgater. Courtesy of the Tailgating Institute, the following is the ‘typical tailgater’:

  • College educated male
  • Between the ages of 35 and 44
  • Spends over $500 a year on tailgating food
  • Attends and/or hosts 6-10 Tailgate Parties each season.
  • Uses separate coolers for food and beverages.
  • Travels less than one hour to get to the game
  • Tailgate party begins 3-4 hours before kickoff
  • 59% use a combination of grills, stoves and cookers to cook.

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